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Advanced Office XP Password Recovery 5.0

This application recovers passwords protecting documents
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Occasionally, when you forget a password that you have set on any office document , it is most difficult to remember it again,To tackle this problem you can use Advanced Office XP Password Recovery by ElcomSoft Co.Ltd., which is an easy to use tool that guarantees instant recovering for all Word and Excel 97/2000 password protected documents. Experiments proved that it also can recover passwords of Microsoft Office documents 2007 and earlier. The programs tries to recover the password using all known tricks for instant recovery, If this fails, The program begins to perform many different attacks such as dictionary attacks depending on that most passwords are just one dictionary words, If this fails too, The program will begin a brute force attack by trying all different letters and numbers combinations and you can specify information which can speed up the brute-force process such as the password length and whether is contained letters or numbers only. The program can be provided by your own language dictionary. In addition to Microsoft Office documents, The program can recover Not only passwords from your Internet content Advisor of Internet Explorer version 4/5 and It has a special method to opening password protected VBA applications, But also your stored Microsoft passport and Microsoft Outlook passwords.

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  • Multilingual
  • Multiple dictionaries supported
  • Progress indicator
  • Rather fast


  • Passwords are not shown in Trial Version
  • Depends on brute force and dictionary attacks
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